The egg and the canoe

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”

— Unknown source, from a fortune cookie

My mum is fond of asking me to pray. She frequently asks me to pray so i can be victorious starting from my dreams. The ones i have no control over, that is, when i sleep.

She’s a better christian than i am currently, and she believes like most religious people do that dreams are spiritual manifestations of the physical. Every happening or item in a dream has its meaning. Eating in a dream is bad, worse is being given food to eat in a celebration -that means you are being initiated into witchcraft. She has had several instances where in her dreams, she craved food in a celebration but didnt get to eat till she woke up. You can imagine how happy she was. In many dreams she had, she conquered obstacles like terrifyingly long staircases ( her description), ladders and rivers to get to a destination. In some other instances, she never got to the end of it all. Whatever the instances, she often prayed fervently that the good part of the dreams be permanent and that the negative aspects “be reversed by the Holy Ghost fire!”.

Don’t get me wrong, i share the same belief system and generally, i think we should never forget to pray.

But there’s a secret dilema. Why does there have to be a riddle? Even when we are long gone, in the abyss of our rest and thoughts, why must everything still have a symbol? Can we not just have a simple dreamworld where everything is simply as it is?
Okay, even if they have no straightforward meanings, cant they be something i can just lightly muse on and share? I have often eaten cakes in my dreams and damn it, for real, i think it’s because i’m obssessed with cakes in real life. My colleagues’ reaction to this: ” wo ni fi cake gbe e lo !” Meaning they (your enemies) will not take you away using cake.(Enemies, if you’re reading this, i’ve lessened my obssession with cakes oh. lol). To be honest, I rather pray, i don’t want to be sorry.
Among the spiritual and supertstitious (of which i am a part of), dreams are channels. They help you see the future, explain mysteries and hear from other spiritual beigns. Among scientists (of which i am a member), dreams often occur in the rapid eye movement stage of sleep (REM) . Even though most staunch scientists arent sure of the connection of dreams to our real lives, they have some theories. Some believe that dreams are connected to our emotional states and some others believe they mean nothing at all.

So, i know you probably have evidence(s). Your Bible or Quran or other spiritual book or scientific book have said something about this. Read what i dreamed of sometime ago.

In this canoe I was, scantily clad. I was the obvious cause of celebration. There were paddlers and some other people dancing and singing aloud. it looked like something from an Igbo nollywood movie (considering the way we were dressed and all) We were in the middle of a river trying to get to the other side but the occupants of the canoe (which i’m not sure i recognised) could not hold their joy.This celebration continued until we reached dry land where even more people were eager to see me. They were dancing and singing, shouting my praises for being able to safely bring the egg( which i just realised i had been holding) to the other side. Wakie wakie!
Wont tell you what my darling mother thought of this, but kindly tell me whatever’s your take on this weird if not bizarre sleepy miss of thoughts…


My comment

Let me introduce you to Margaret Zhang.
She is a photographer, stylist and writer and has a blog titled “shinebythree” . According to me, and many others, she is phenomenal. She’s an Asian beauty who has been blogging for about six years now.

I got to meet her while watching “fashion bloggers”,a program on E! News channel and instantly fell in love with her style. It’s an effortless yet carefully constructed architecture of proportions that speaks loud of natural glowing beauty.I’m full of praise for a 22 year old who is living on her own terms and shining on her three wings- photography, writing and blogging.

So, i’m a couple of years older but that shouldn’t deter me from calling her one of my blogging mentors. She is clearly a well established blogger who doesn’t even allow sponsored adverts on her blog. She calls her blog her personal space (clearly, she probably doesn’t need the money as much as Ajoke does, lol .)Besides, her style (or about most of it) totally suits what’s culturally acceptable for a mother in my modern African enviroment. As her writing style is superb, so is her photography. Love, love ,love it.

As for more details of her personal profile, visit her blog. #free advertising.She doesn’t even know i exist. Yet. I wont put her picture here either( what if she someday sees my blog and sues for copyright?).lol.

For members of the blogging university i belong, you know how we are “literarily” forced to write everyday. Inspiration is not so easy to come by especially when asked to find it daily. It can be straining yet exciting especially when you have many other full time commitments but it’s completely voluntary. And it’s to an expected goodly end.

By the way, i never posted a comment to Margaret. Just about to do so. Plus i’ve just been reading her posts randomly, i’ve not even been following her blog. That’s not because i dont want to. It’s because……i dont know where the icon “follow” is on her blog. Embarassing right? Forgive me for not being the best computer literate out there. Or does she already have too many followers, she removed the icon for people to follow her blog? Or does she simply not entertain followers at all? Please investigate and get back to me if you can. *smile*

Whichever ways i ‘m sure she is a warm hearted talented lady who has found her purpose in life. I encourage us all to do same.cheers.

One more thing peeps. Could you probably send me anything you would love me to write about? Would also be happy to get your feedback. Thanks.

Mission “Impossible”

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” ― Maya Angelou

Have you ever heard of Tom Cruise?


So you know him. He’s the handome bad ass guy in the “Mission Impossible” franchise. Tom Cruise is the Nigerian typical example of the “actor no dey die” saying. In the movies, Tom is courageous, and manages to carry out deathly stunts without dying. No stunt or mission is impossible and that’s practically the theme that makes the movie sell.

With God, No mission is impossible and that doesnt sound cliche, even to me.

I may be the next big thing blogging has ever seen.

You could be partnering with Bill Gates tomorrow.

She may create the smartest robot after that.

We could find the cure to AIDS.

Damn, even someone could find a way to reach the sun (if it’s totally necessary)

As Apple itself says,

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ― Apple Inc.

But back to Maya Angelou. While i’m at my mission impossible stunts, i intend to fulfil it’s processes with some grace, lace,free spirit, denim, generousity and style. Well that’s me. Ajoke for show. Lol.

Thanks for reading, and as Arnold would say, “I’LL BE BACK! #loads of love.

Hers truly.

There’s light. It’s the dawn of a new day. Wake up. Get your spine upright dollie. Now, you can write!


Solitude. Yet rowdiness.

I look around to see Dave curled around his father, sandwiched in between the spreads.  Michelle is the only one watching me. Perhaps the one who woke me. She gives me my space though. I straighten up and  pick up my Ipad. Its the latest form of technology i know. It gives me the best interface within my resources. Its my blogging tool and well, that’s the only thing it’s useful for. It’s so useless for….(a lot of stuff)

My emails. My text messages, my facebook messages, my whatsapp .I go through my devices. Then with a pang of guilt, it occurs to me. I haven’t said my prayers. Damn it, Ajoke! You were made for praise. All for God’s praise. You can afford to blog all the time, check your notifications like it’s nobody’s time and yet afford not to pray. You haven’t read the instructional material for today. At that moment i look at her. She has that look on her face. So i drop it all and thank God. I do the needful, then i get back to work.

Writing,typing, blogging. I am superwoman. I can do these anytime of the day at any place but mornings are the sweetest. Mornings  can be alternated with times and places that mean aloneness, atmospheres that signify solitude and joyful bleakness eg the top of mount Everest, lol. Those are the places i’ll become a superblogger.

I’ll probably never be able to write well with a pen. I’m too lazy for that. You probably wont let me finish talking to you. You have lots to do. You have yours to say too. But i’ll type on an easy qwerty touchscreen keyboard. I’ll type it all. I’ll do it all over again. And i’ll hope you read it. I’ll hope you love it nearly as much as i do.

As i exhaust the time, they start to wake. I can hear grandma in the kitchen. It all creeps back to me again. Breakfast, bathing and preparing the kids, that proposal, the test, the project analysis and discussion, the family planning appointment. Get this over with, you dimwit! Penta-sure, exams, assignments, that demo…. I gotta go. Well i know you’ve got to go too.

Cheers to everything undone! Hope they do not stay that way!

My Style Story


I dont think we can be perfect. We have to try, but  aren’t permitted to try too hard.

I have paid close attention to fashion and style. I love studying other people’s styles and indeed, have learnt quite a fascinating lot.

In those days (well, up till just about 2 years ago or something), i could not seem to get myself together. There was this inconsistency- one day i would look so sharp and well styled, and the freaking next, i wasn’t the babe to be admired. To make this worse, despite being black and beautiful with almost nothing to loose, i had this extreme lack of self confidence and an exceeding amount of low self-esteem. Everything and anything anybody said got to me and in a world where everybody’s eager to say something, i was lost. I felt very inferior to anyone who at least had a voice and was eager to make friends with anyone that paid me at least half a unit of attention.

But fashion and style helped. Maybe i should have started with how God opened my eyes. He did, and one of the ways  he did so was through making me understand looking good. Okay. So call me whatever you like. But its true. It started with Uncle Remmy, a mature friend who suggested to me one day after baring my heart and crying; “why don’t you try a little make up?” and i was like, so it’s true i don’t look good enough? But He replied ( though not literarily) ,” makeup isn’t beauty, but maybe it’ll help you appreciate it more.” I took his advice and now i appreciate both my natural beauty and my “made up” beauty so well. It took me a handful of years to get the hang of using cosmetics though.

#lesson 1-  do try a little bit of makeup and whether or not you’ve tried any yet, get someone proficient to let you in on the basics (especially care of the eye brows).Its mostly worth it in the end…thanks a lot @gracefuljewelsandmakeovers

Then I had a friend named Bikky. She was all that i wasn’t and yet she seemed to be quite the only one proud to walk with me “undisdainingly” in school as my friend. I say that because i had friends then who never made me feel good about myself. I learnt from Bikky ( without her knowing) how to walk with confidence, invest in quality stuff and be a bit more chic and refined.

#lesson 2- speak well, straighten up and walk well, be a bit more refined. Don’t let the harshness of any situation disturb your composure. Fashion is nothing without confidence. Get your swag on.

Well, the rest of the lessons, i learnt myself. And maybe while looking at you.

lesson 3- try as much as possible to wear neat and ironed clothes. No matter what you wear, it will help you look better and boost your morale.

lesson 4- have your hair done. Whether barbed, plaited, fixed or anything at all, make it look neat and well put together. If you use an artificial weave that flies all over the place and dissociates from your natural hair, try mousse to hold it in place and a hairdressing blog for more tips.

lesson 5- eat healthy. Loose some weight if you have to, and add some if you really have to. Exercise with every given opportunity eg chores, dancing, laughing and you know that last stuff….*wink* in addition to any formal routine of course!

lesson 6- stay covered up. Less is more most times more. Wearing a below-knee length dress or buttoning up the first button of your shirt can make you less self conscious plus help you to look sexier, mature and confident.

lesson 7- accessorize appropriately. (should share how in anyone of my subsequent  posts)

lesson 8 – be organized. wake early if you have to and earlier if you have kids to organize your bag, purse and other stuff you need for your program daily. You’re  sure to be the one to admire when in public.

I learnt a lot more in between but would love to share this final one with you.

Lesson finale–  when you end up looking messy(or funny or shitty or anyhow you NEVER planned to look) don’t  feel or act it. Yes. You aren’t allowed to feel as bad as you look when you think you look bad. Just rock it. Go with the flow. Act free and loose your self consciousness if it’s too late to do anything about it. Everyone has had a few days like that and when someone give you a yap ( or a fake compliment), kindly accept it and move on to the next beautiful thing. And do try not to make the same mistake again.

Yaaaaay, I did it! Wasn’t in such a mood to write but i wrote my longest post ever. Lol. Have a sweet, yummy, exciting, lovely, adorable day.mwah.

Regret. #Writing101.

Good day all,

This post is supposed to be about Regret.

I’m just in my mid-twenties and i don’t know if there is a statistically significant association between age and number of regrets. Am I supposed to have lesser regrets than a fourth decader? Not sure i know the answers. Not sure i know what the fair share (of regrets) should be.

Do i regret being made to start my education early?

Do i regret lying about it just to be able to mix with “peers”?

Do i regret dating the numbers  of men that i did?

Do i regret letting you go there?

Do i regret that expulsion and then telling you about it? 

Do i regret saying yes? Just for the pity, favours or expectations?

Do i regret saying no for the lack of the above?

Do i regret the lack of regret?

Do i regret, do i regret,do i regret…?

should i regret, should i regret?

Would i regret, would i regret, would i regret…?

You see,

I’m not sure i regret anything at all. Still i can’t exactly say i regret none of it.

I cant imagine what i would have been without them though! Would i have been this wild, innocent, loving, yet kind ?( and much more that i am? lol). Would i have had inspiration for this post? Don’t think so.

Therefore, I do not exactly know of regrets as being entirely negative.At minimum i know i shouldn’t regret a lot. I’m supposed to and will forge ahead with a gleeful smile knowing that i have been in fact, lucky. Life is still a work in progress and I was made by a perfect designer. The future and today are what should matter for us all.

Have a regret free day!

Things I Like, Things I Learnt and Things I Wish

Hello Peeps,

It’s raining here but today’s just perfect to write this kind of a post.

Things I like

  • The feeling of rushing breeze when i’m on a Motorbike,lol. I’m serious. I dream of buying a power bike somewhere in my fun-filled future.
  • Giving my toddler and infant teenage advice.
  • Nutella. And Nussa. Chocolate spread and flavors make the world go round.
  • Getting at my hubby. Yea, telling him i’m the expert on that subject and then listening to him get me back. Its a vicious cycle that makes me say sorry and brings out the romance in him. #loveit!
  • Rain, hot black tea and a duvet. You can add a long dreamy conversation with my mum to the scenario.

Things I Learnt

  • To be strong, to be the strongest I can be. I can’t afford anything less. A lot of people depend on that strength.
  • Never to ridicule. The ridiculers have ways of ending up as the ridiculees. You aren’t the perfect judge of character. You aren’t perfect at all.
  • Stay humble. It always works.
  • Stress, fear and frustration are indeed self created. I loose nothing by staying positive.
  • Discipline. I’m Still a work in progress.

Things I wish

Health,love,success and all things fitting and good.