My sexy sacrifice


His hands are on my body, stroking my legs. Who else can it be? Then i hear him nudging me with his voice ” I need you”. This can’t be happening. I ‘m in stage 100 REM sleep. I am so deep in my sleep, i don’t even remember what my name is. “Pls dear, tomorrow”, i reply. He goes on, tries harder to seduce me to the present. Sh*t! I’m actually waking. I’m pissed. Really pissed. I ramble something mean. I then grab my pillow and face the wall. Sleep….sweet sleep….


Already having a bad day. A shabby good morning from hubby started it off and then like domino pieces, it had all started to crumble. Can’t say why but it’s definitely can’t be because of my actions or lack of it at 2am? No help with school runs. My phone in which my work was stored crashed. Deadline for submission for that work- 4pm this day. Okada man yelled at me. And now, the clouds are gathering. Is it going to rain particularly this day when i’m wearing my white lace dress? Continue reading “My sexy sacrifice”


All I need is 5 years?

5, 10, 20 years from now,

Now i know we are all different. Some of you already have what i want by then. Well, lucky you. Just hear me out if you will. These are my own thoughts made public.

So, 5,10,20 years from now

I’ll be alive. More still, i’ll be blogging.

We’d have completed this house.

I’d still be the slim sexy wife of my big broad shouldered man. (i’ll keep feeding him well because i love it this way. Yelz)

I’d have a cute white pet dog i’ll probably call Murie. I can’t have her now because i’m still very pre-occupied with many projects and my 5-10 year daydreams.

I’d have had a third child by then. SCREAM!

I’d drive the exact kind of car i want.

My medical empire would be flourishing.

I ‘d have been established with my ministry in the church.

And i will never again underestimate the power of anticipation. There is no better boost in the present than an invitation into the future.”
― Caroline Kepnes, You

I’d have accomplished all i wanted to learn. Swimming, the guitar, my power bike. I’d have conquered my fears.

Medical residency would have been in the works for me…..

“I have to live, perhaps, till seventy years. As far as I know, I have good health. Half a century of existence may lie before me. How am I to occupy it? What am I to do to fill the interval of time which spreads between me and the grave?”
― Charlotte Brontë

I have a plan but i am aware that nothing is quite as sure as God. Here’s a creed i’ve been examining.

“The Creed for the Sociopathic Obsessive Compulsive (Peter’s Laws)

1. If anything can go wrong, Fix it!!! (To hell with Murphy!!)
2. When given a choice – Take Both!!
3. Multiple projects lead to multiple successes.
4. Start at the top, then work your way up.
5. Do it by the book… but be the author!
6. When forced to compromise, ask for more.
7. If you can’t beat them, join them, then beat them.
8. If it’s worth doing, it’s got to be done right now.
9. If you can’t win, change the rules.
10. If you can’t change the rules, then ignore them.
11. Perfection is not optional.
12. When faced without a challenge, make one.
13. “No” simply means begin again at one level higher.
14. Don’t walk when you can run.
15. Bureaucracy is a challenge to be conquered with a righteous attitude, a tolerance for stupidity, and a bulldozer when necessary.
16. When in doubt: THINK!
17. Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing.
18. The squeaky wheel gets replaced.
19. The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.
20. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!!”
― Peter Safar

In view of these, all i can say is with God, all things are possible. Mark 9vs23.