Hello dear, it’s me.
It’s really me.
You didn’t see it coming. Did you?
I was supposed to be your best friend, your victim.
But I still am, I swear I am.

You don’t like this form, I can tell.
You never bargained for this kind of aggressiveness.
Why didn’t I tell you, or at least,hint you?
Why didn’t I show you?
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I never believed in magic
But she smiled and then I knew not what to believe…

I never believed in magic
Till he said “Excuse me please” and my heart rose in panic

I never believed in magic
And I still do not know what to call how you held my heart by my sleeve….

It’s all changed, I’m renewed, I’m a different me, I’m free, I’m ecstatic!
Can’t hold it back anymore, I believe in MAGIC!

The gospel of fashion according to…

By now, I thought I would have written something worthwhile about fashion but it hadn’t come to me yet. I know I love fashion. I’m good at it and I have lots to share but I rarely have the pictures to prove it. I don’t have a good camera, I need to have some more fashion pieces, bla bla bla are the “valid” reasons i have tendered so far…..
Hey listen. With whatever you have now,you can still make it work!… I tell myself.

What is fashion?
I ain’t gonna go into some philosophical shitlog just to make me sound coherent.
Good fashion should connote confidence, a good degree of social acceptance, admiration and class. It could be complicated yet simple, structured yet effortless looking, ragged yet acceptable,daring yet decent. That you are well styled doesn’t mean you got a lot of sense tho! But being well styled however gives you the outlook of being smart, bold, sensible and rich. Lol.

It’s true that all this is vanity. Yes. Just like food, shelter, Continue reading “The gospel of fashion according to…”