Hello dear, it’s me.
It’s really me.
You didn’t see it coming. Did you?
I was supposed to be your best friend, your victim.
But I still am, I swear I am.

You don’t like this form, I can tell.
You never bargained for this kind of aggressiveness.
Why didn’t I tell you, or at least,hint you?
Why didn’t I show you?
Please, don’t be shocked beyond reason.

Take this moment to breathe, to realise.
If not, you just might never catch up.
I have always, and will always love you.
And for you, I had to be weak, to be meek
Is it coming to you now? You rule.

Now,shut up there!
Don’t you dare!
Calling me a pretender? A chameleon?
You haven’t seen the half of it.
I will do whatever I need to! And you can damn well cower in fear.

It was your fault.
You only see what you want to see.
In your greed and selfishness, you almost lost it all.
It’s time to see what I can do
But this time, you have to bear the pain. All of it.

Wait, baby.
Look at me. You are my cause.
You are my adrenaline.
I will shake the whole world for you,
Even If that shakes you,sweets.

So sit back and relax.
I am just a shark that can bite.


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