I have gotten around again to blogging. I don’t know how I feel. Sounds like relief, like the lifting off of a burden.
And like Adele said, it’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry.
The moment I started this blog, I knew my journey would be explosive. Right now, all I know is to be blunt and true and it’s either fortunate or unfortunate I’m doing that right now to the world.
I resumed from my maternity leave to work and it seems even to myself that I have changed. For the better. I can handle work bureaucracies better, I am determined to always look good, save and get early to work…..
Well, that’s all by the way.
It’s more about the process going on inside of me. I feel reborn. I feel dangerous, red hot like fire, yet subtle like a glowing flame.
No matter what happens, I will get what I want from life. Pronto. Nobody can stop me now.
I’ve got God.
And about what else? When I feel like this, I have no complaints, no blames, no wahala. All’s good that’ll end good.
Peace out.