The good boss

The good boss

A boss is always a he. Even a woman is king.

Boss A,B,C,D,E and F.

Boss A loves hard workers, but is territorial. He will be happy when you are prompt and you do what you are told but will become evil at the slightest threat of your rising.

Boss B. Hmmmnnnnnn…..He was a good one, and I only realise it now that he ceases to be mine. There was just too much of emotional bragadash between us both.

I really do not know Boss C that well enough to judge him, neither does he know me too, but for sure, he’s gonna miss me when I’m gone.

Boss D makes me feel good, puts me through. But then what does he do next? He puts me down so bad when I make a trial. In effect, I do not dwell on his praises. I appreciate a boss who can give a leap of faith.

Boss E is rational and mature. Yet there is a certain mistrust between us both.

And boss F ? I am yet to find him. He is a mentor. Someone that lives by example. Who truly cares. Who treats surbodinates and clients with utmost professionalism and scolds with dignity. Mind you, he isn’t slack. If anything, he is firm and principled and does not need any sentimental validation to act. Yet he is loving and kind and those around him can witness to the God he serves.

But I too am a boss and still a surbodinate. Before I acclaim the post of Chief judge of character of the federation, what kind of a boss am I ? In other words, how do my principles reflect in the way I treat people, matters and most importantly, my job?

Lessons learnt about bosses.

There will never be a perfect boss and surbodinate. Just like there isn’t a perfect person in the universe.

A boss and surbodinate will never see eye to eye on all things.

Be the boss you want to have.

If you are a boss, you desperately need balance. To be balanced on issues and to have balanced perspectives.

As a surbodinate, do whatever you need to get by. But if the price is too high, speak up! Self respect is key.

There is never a permanent boss. Be careful how you treat your “servants”.

Being a surbodinate does and should make you unsatisfied. Activate dreams that can make you a boss too.

When you are a boss, the tough decisions are yours, but if in the long run your decisions don’t accumulate in good, you have lost an opportunity. The opportunity to help and be helped. Everyone needs some help sometimes.

I gotta go. Thanks for reading. Again.(or Newly!?). Lol.

NB :please comment. What are your treasured opinions?


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