So, I got a lover !

Or I nearly did. See, as you probably know, this diary/blog/ranting forum was supposed to be to tell my heart or rather not mention it if it’ll be a lie. Sooooo, here’s how it went down.
Never been the faithful or holy somebody during my relationship years but God pulled me through and I got married to a noble and caring man. We are blessed with 2 endearing angels. But you see,hmmnn, been working on this guy. He’s so introvertish and calm and too mentally strong and i’m the notorious extrovert playful, i-don’t-give-2cents-what-you-fink girl. Being opposites that way has its benefits and because he’s more mature than I am, i’ve learnt that he’s just the exact recipe I need for a man. Plus both of us have learnt how to step up the pedestal of personality types to meet at the middle. Good,right?? But ehn, this other guy….
He says sorry. Everytime there’s a notch in my voice,he calls. Wants to make sure everything’s alright. He knows i’m married and even though we never got to outright flirting, I enjoy his conversations. We argue like equals till no one gives up. He sounds caring, the very perfect distraction from the day’s downhills. He talks like he’s ready to flaunt cash anyhow. Really,he sounds like he’s in town and had recently said he loved me, then he apologised. Felt like a teenager who acquired a new toaster. Hmmnnn.
But i’m no fool. By now, I know who exactly the hunter and the bushmeat is. And how one day, the bushmeat go catch the hunter ( in Sound Sultan’s voice). I may have allowed the drama to entertain itself, but the grace of Jah hath abideth in me to keep a sane mind. It may have been fun to allow the display but I had to draw the curtain. See, nor be say for mouth, my hubby’s 10 times the man most men out there are. But that’s not even the point!
As a physically strong and attractive woman would, I get regular chances to cheat. But even when I was single, i’d been there and done that. And I got the painful calculations right. I know how it all ends. It got to stage I became a good consult for who’s the good guy,the bad guy, the in-between guy, the naive guy and the rest (lololololol…thank God for his grace in my life) To cut the whole story short, I know who a scavenger is. And the first example of a scavenger is someone who “loves” you even when he knows you are married and have kids. That kain love….choi!!! In plain terms,he/she’s the demon sent by your enemies to rob you of your harvest. Really??? Yulp,yelzzz.
I don’t cheat because I want to biuld a strong personality, full of high morale and discipline. I don’t cheat because I don’t want someone to come and mix their spiritual curses and challenges with my spirit through sex. All the confusion some people feel in their spirits are due to, apart from a terrible conscience, mami water issues belonging to their lovers, nor be only me talk am oh! I don’t cheat because I want to be focused. I don’t cheat because i’m trying to strengthen my relationship with God. I want to be the best role models for my kids. Then, what exactly do I stand to gain from cheating? Sexual prowess??
In the past, i’d learnt my lessons, the hard way and like some others, I didn’t live the ideal christian life my mom brought me up to especially while at school. But God’s mercies lifted me and always dragged me back to the point of grace. That’s my testimony…why would I wanna spoil it?
So I finally blew the charade for Mr so-so-so-and-so. A good guy i’m sure he has the potential to be but i’d rather work on my guy to say sorry more. Will find a way to make him call more often and romance me more with words. I know he’s dependable in every other area. The extra relationship could never be. Better to part as friends than see the scary side of me and my fire prayers.
And the lesson of it to my single sisters, things are never as it seems with all the chocolate buttered tongued men. Once you have a God fearing man, keep him and pray for his other deficiencies. Some trivialities considered as qualities sometimes do not define good men. Another spouse ain’t readily the solution to any chaos in a marriage. God bless y’all! Packaging an interesting hangout post for y’all soon. In the mean time, pls give your feedbacks and comments and….What would you love me to post about subsequently?? Fenkss
PS: thanks for listening to me breath out loud…as usual.


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