“Every good process has to pass the unseen phase”- Ajoke

I wrote a letter to myself when I added a year some two weeks back. I also wrote to my younger sister.  Here’s the transcript of the one to myself.

Ajoke stop it. Stop these.

  • Impatience. Wait some seconds more,  maybe a few more minutes…it may take more than days.  Just try to give it a second and third thought. You just might be gifted at analysis.
  • That Money Spirit. Don’t make it go. Rather, make it less obvious. Be smart but not too agressive. Smile in dignity and work hard as money comes to you.
  • Forget insanity. Why don’t you be blunt enough to send it to the pits? Why that freaking loophole?

Joke, please 👦, do these.

  • Trust  those who can be trusted, even more trust your ownself. Keep just a little of your paranoia.
  • Remain big on the inside👭.
  • Dress lovely… You know I have always been obsessed with you for that. 😍👸
  • Keep being unseen. Remember it is a tactic.  You do not want an immature applause.  What you need is that astoundingly loud ovation.#livefortheapplause#

I love you woman. I love who you are. That wild nature that’s remorseful over it’s tenderness. Lol. I see your spirit on a horse riding hard beyond horizons.  This year is yours.

But you do need to pray.  You know there’s  some activity that you need to counteract.  You need Jesus.  With him,  you’ll do it.

I love my rants.  What’s  your reaction though?  I would appreciate  hearing from you!


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