I’m living in the 21st century doin’ something mean to it.Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it…..No one man should have all that power…- Kanye West

I saw a girl today. She looked younger and is/was questionably prettier than I am. She had such an attitude and even though that was pissing enough, I strangely fell in love with her charisma. I wanted to put her off big time. I wanted to put her in her place…it was absolutely necessary…but I didn’t.

There’s a chap called Omofolarin.He’s a cute badass fellow who has a really good heart. The problem is with his self esteem. He can’t see past his broken heart, repeated rejections and his feelings of unaccomplishment. Worse still he can’t see that he is progressively getting the reflection of his poor attitude to life events.

I have got this stupid insurance company that won’t pay me my claims. A dispense error request was declined. Some squeamish about some licit stuff that didn’t get somewhere on time.Not to mention that I still haven’t gotten a Valentine’s gift from Dee.lol. Sometimes stuff plans with stuff to happen all at once like that. Not just to me. To us all.

I have the POWER to be me. To acknowledge life, embrace it…and turn stones into catapults. I wanna buy myself a wig and cake for my own Valentine gift.lol..And I’ll buy some assorted booze for hubby too(cos I am the better person..I think??).

But I want more Power.

To make that pretty young lady feel secure. I can see through the coping mechanism. Bae doesn’t need that much attitude to be assertive.I wish I could make her more self confident.

Omofolarin doesn’t need alcohol to cool off the depressing steams. I should know right? I have had an impressive resume fighting inner battles and I slayed those demons like cray! What he needs is to practice having the right attitude to life. I want power to open his eyes. Before it is too late.

Power isn’t just for freedom and liberty. Its not just to evoke submissiveness. Power can be for love. To love. And to be loved. Can I hear you say Amen?

Peeps, I couldn’t find my smileys. None to add to this post. I hoped you found it interesting though.

Plus if you had a hot smouldering love filled Valentine, send me some hawt gist. One that’ll make my eyes cross. If u’ld rather send a comment/feedback concerning this post, I’ll be very grateful.